author Kevin Williamson, 29 November 2018

There is a widely held belief that images destined for display on a website should be converted to 72dpi before uploading to the server. By the same token, it is also understood by many that images of 300dpi are far too large for the web and take too long to download, particularly on mobile devices.

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author Kevin Williamson, 06 November 2018

You're happy with the software on your website, it works as well as it did when you first took delivery of it all those years ago. Yet something sinister is happening under the bonnet

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Wordpress 5.0 - Gutenberg is coming!
author Kevin Williamson, 31 August 2018

Gutenberg is the new visual editor for WordPress replacing TinyMCE. It will be standard as the default editor when WordPress 5.0 is released later in 2018. So what does this mean for existing WordPress users?

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